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some zines

Most of these zines, with only one exception, were created in ways which allow for on-screen reading and/or DIY print and assemble. The Situated Knowledges zines were distributed as physical copies during the Situated Systems residency at Pier 9. For most of the other zines, I created a limited amount of photo-quality printed, hand bound copies which I distributed as gifts.

DIY print versions are sized for 8.5"x11", double-sided, black and white printing

four Situated Knowledges zines
(with Situated Systems, the Experimental Research Lab team)

(a project with Max Fenton)

(for on-screen viewing only; created only one handmade book version, no DIY print version)

(on-screen version) | (DIY print version)
(In 2006, Bruce Weber, Nan Bush and I created a limited-edition book of Johnny Dark's work. In 2014, on my way to the Trinity Site Open House, I saw Johnny for the first time since the formal book was published.)

stabilized and sealed
(on-screen version) | (DIY print version)
(on a first trip to the Trinity Site Open House)

process documents for a project set in paris
signs of life
(on-screen version) | (DIY print version)
marques et tracé
(on-screen version) | (DIY print version)

a very slow, ongoing documentation series on video games preservation archives
(on-screen version) | (DIY print version)*
(on the Learning Games Initiative Research Archive)
(on-screen version) | (DIY print version)
(on Dr. Nick Montfort's Trope Tank)

*This zine is too big to fold as one pamphlet. The file setup prints as two pamphlets which should be bound together.

(all items (c) sherri wasserman, as of 2022, unless otherwise noted)