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select lectures and workshops

Presenter, “Rethinking Museum Initiatives as Public Interest Technologies,” IEEE ISTAS20 Conference, Fall 2020

Presenter and Participant, “Exquisite Data” Symposium, Williams College Museum of Art, Fall 2020

Presenter and Participant, “Marine Zoonomy” workshop and summary presentation, IMPAKT Design Festival: Critical and Creative Views on Media Culture, Ultrecht, Netherlands, Fall 2020

Visiting Lecturer, Navigating Futures (Professor: Lauren Keeler), Arizona State University, March 2019

Design Critic, New Interfaces for Musical Expression (Professor: Greg Shakar), Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU, Fall 2010 - Fall 2017

Mentor for Cultural Lab’s design of exhibits for the Bradbury Museum (Los Alamos National Lab), New Mexico Highlands University, Spring 2017

Design Facilitator, “Photography, Expanded: On Religion Lab,” Magnum Foundation and Brown Center for Media Innovation, Columbia University, October 2016

Co-Presenter, Grey Area Festival, with Georgina Voss and Sarah Brin on the Experimental Research Lab, San Francisco, April 2016

Co-Presenter, Three public presentations associated with the Experimental Research Lab, Autodesk’s Pier 9, San Francisco, February - June 2016

Co-Presenter, “Unboxing the Bendix Kit,” with Matthew Battles, 4S Annual Conference, 2015

Speaker and Co-Teacher with metaLAB Harvard for “Beautiful Data,” 2 week intensive workshops regarding digital collections and art historical practice, June 2014 and July 2015

Design Facilitator, “Participatory Playbook,” Magnum Foundation, May 2015

Design Facilitator, “Photography, Expanded: Digital Narratives Lab,” Magnum Foundation and Brown Center for Media Innovation, Columbia University, May 2015

Co-Moderator and Organizer, “Mobile and Technology Use” and “Moving Beyond Books: Games & Music” sessions, Smithsonian Institution symposium with the State Department regarding the American Spaces Program, May 2013

Co-Organizer and Co-Teacher, “An Artist’s Guide To Managing Your Virtual Presence,” NYU Abu Dhabi, February 2013

Presenter, “Explorations in Large Scale Multimedia Installations,” The John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage, Brown University, October 2012

Presenter, Art Department, Oberlin College, Commencement / May 2012

Presenter, Media Design for Museums, Museum Studies Program (Professor: Sonnet Takahisa), Johns Hopkins University, January 2012

Presenter, “Public Space Storytelling Through Personal Mobile Devices,” Museum Computer Network Conference, Fall 2011

Moderator and Organizer, “What Museums Can Learn From Libraries and Archives,” MCN Conference, Fall 2011

Co-presenter, “The Museum and Collaborative Storytelling,” Challenges for the Cultural Museum in the Global Age, NYU Abu Dhabi, Fall 2011

Invited respondent for Patrik Steorn’s “Queer in the Museum” presentation and workshop leader, Connecting the Dots: Virtuality, Technology & Feminism in the Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Fall 2011

Presenter, “Toward the design of effective tools to connect digital archives and public space,” Reimagining The Archives, UCLA, Fall 2010

Presenter, “Media Design for Public Space Memorialization,” Museum Studies Program (Professor: Amy Weisser), NYU, Fall 2010